The interrelationship and complexity within line, color and surface is the subject and content of my work. This work is the response to questions that I ask myself not only when I begin each painting but during its entire process. These questions are really at the core of what drives my work forward.

The question of line…is this line a measure? Is it color? Is it a vestige of a transverse plane? Is it a directional signifier? How fast is it moving?

Color…is it emotional? Is it abstract? Is it aesthetic? Does it give weight to the various parts of the painting? Can line and color share equal weight?

Surface…will it operate as a base color or will it bear the gestalt that allows it to operate interactively with the lines.

For however reductive my paintings are, they are slow to take in. The viewer might be drawn into the rhythm of the work with immediacy but it is only with time that he will recognize the subtleties and playfulness that exists in these paintings. He might even raise one of my questions as observes the work.