In this series line has become far more important…rather than subtle, it is bold and moves diagonally to create sharp edged wedge shapes and off centered trapezoids. Line has become integral to the painting, developing a far more versatile role within the work…it is now creating form. As form becomes more desired and specifically designed, it demands the use of specific lines raising the question “is it line that creates form or form that creates line?”

Layer upon layer of color, burnished after each application, pushes the transparency of the paint allowing each stratum of color to radiate through to the next resulting in the creation of a final color that is not specific to any name and a surface that is luminous and sensuous. Because I pull my paint beyond the edges of the painting’s support leaving them unfinished, in contrast to the very finished surface, it is possible for the viewer to deconstruct the work, see the various colors that were used and ultimately be part of my process.