Untitled (104) oil on gesso board 36"x36"

Excerpt from Catalog:


By Rosanna Arrighi, Coordinator of the Antico Castello of Rapallo, Italy

Five words are not enough to explain the work of Barbara Rosenzweig, but they can offer some clues for an open and independent reflection. I leave to the observer the task of drawing his own conclusions.

ELEGANCE: is the word most suited to express the first impression. The lines, clean and subtle, the colors intense, they scan the surface of the painting; and, without losing their autonomy they determine a final effect of lightness and noble harmony.

PURITY OF SPACE: the impression most mindful and meditative. The space is perceived as a luminous and colored essence that extends beyond the painting, permeated by a mysteriously essential movement. This space allows for the appearance of the transparency of light. It creates an ambience in which geometric rhythms appear as existential situations of “sentiment”, as the perception of form and light themselves in a pure state.

CHROMATIC COMPLEXITY: creates the visual event and seems to propound the psychological and subconscious valor of the colors. Their union, by analogy or by contrast, has the ability to arouse a feeling of renewal, calm. And this is the added value.

MUSIC: music is projected; it is emotion, intelligence and sentiment. But painting also can be or suggest rhythm and melody; the lines and colors can move you, draw you in or take you away as the notes of a musical score, creating harmony or dissonance. The canvas of Barbara Rosenzweig moves as in a musical space, following the melodious design of a pure, crystalline, tight music.

POETRY: VOWELS: “A Black, E White, I Red U Green, O Blue; Some day I’ll crack your nascent origins…”. These are the first lines of a famous sonnet by A. Rimbaud. Who knows why, standing before the canvases of Barbara Rosenzweig I am immediately reminded of this sonnet. Perhaps it is because the verses speak of “…lances of lofty glaciers”, of purple, of viridian seas or of the silences crossed by trails of angels or “…the violet beam of his gaze!” Perhaps because the Universe is a grand synthesis in which sound, light and color blend and derive strength from each other. In this somewhat mysterious world Barbara Rosenzweig has her place.